Pacman Adventures By Edward Hyde


  1. Well done Edward you have done the basics well and have hardened it up. It could be improved by having a start and finish screen and have a time limit or score.

  2. Very good! It could of had a start, end and game over screen but other than that great coding!

  3. It is really good but i think you need to do more at the end of the game.

  4. your game is really good however you could improve it by having another costume for your sprite,so it can go left.

  5. It is good but it is a bit to hard in parts. When you go left it doesn’t turn round.

  6. Very challenging but could have a second costume for going left.

  7. I really enjoyed your game it was fun to play. You have a glitch on your terrain where you should put x0.9.

  8. I enjoyed playing your game Edward. An area to improve would be to use x0.9 on scrollx to get rid of the gaps in the terrain and put a second costume for Pac-Man turning left.

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