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Volcano Revision by Ben W

Programming Reflection by Ben W

What have we been doing with Micro:bits?

I have been programming Micro:bits on a website called ” micro:bit : Touch Develop Lessons ”

What sort of algorithms have you been writing?

An algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in the script or another problem-solving. I have been writing algorithms which makes LED lights on the micro:bit light up then want them to, this is well understood by the computer and then the script or the ” game ” is transferred into the micro:bit.

How has sequencing affected your code?

Sequencing is a set of ruler is a specific order so it makes sense so the action, or event works right. Sequencing has affected my code allot because it shows me that when I understand the code I am writing it makes it allot easier and fun. For example in Rock, Paper, Scissors it gives a random LED format which you have chose yourself.

Have you had to debug anything? Provide examples.

Debugging is when you find a problem in your code and fix it, for example in “Line of Fire” the dot on the LED light was not moving when it was transferred to my micro:bit  so I went back onto my code realized that on the dot code it said “paused” and then set in to move.

What are variables and have you used them when programming a Micro:bit?

A variable is a piece of code that stores information and is given a name from what you choose, and you only make it when there is quantity of information that is referred to as a value. I did use a variable and I used it in a game called “Line of Fire”, the variable that i made counted how many times i had lost and won.

Have you used any loops? Give some examples.

A loop is a piece of code which allows to be executed repeatedly, I have used loops on a game called “Line of Fire”, on this game the dot that I am trying to catch on the center of the LED board and it has to do random pattern over and over again.

What are functions and how have you used them when coding your Micro:bits?

A function is code which all works together to create a certain purpose or a certain “function”. I have used functions quite allot because in all of the games I have done they all need a certain function to work. I have used function’s in a game called Line of Fire and the dot has a function to tell it to go to a certain speed, and by changing the code.

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Ben Way’s Photoshop Slideshow 8N

In this project we edited peoples and faces and body features to make them look better.

I think it went pretty well because I understood what to do after looking at the tutorials it was very clear on what to do and quiet simple.

I think I could have done more and finished the project  considering on how much time we had to do it.

I really liked this project because it shows us more ways to use Photoshop and it tells us more about society and how they want us all to look. I will definitely use it in the future.

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I Am Cheese – Ben W

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