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Biology – Respiratory system Harrison J

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Harrison j Photoshop project

Harrison J Photoshop Project.

I loved doing this project as it was very fun and a great experience to change what people look like. I think that I made my photos look a lot better than what they were at the start but I could of made mine a bit better.

Most of it went well especially with the changing of the eye colour and also changing the red eye back to normal.

It would of been better if we had a lot more time to do it. The lip colour didn’t go very well as as it looks very unrealistic and it was very messy. If I had more time I would of taken a bit more care with it instead or rushing it to get it finished.

I really enjoyed doing this project and I wish that I could do it again soon.

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Area 51- true or false ?

This is a podcast about whether or not area 51 has found any life or aliens on different planets. Area 51 is a military instillation in the United States of America, in the state of Nevada. Area 51 is a secret base trying to find aliens around the world and in space. So far people think that they have found aliens and life on different planets and in space but they haven’t clarified it yet. In my opinion I think they are real.

They say that they have found life in space but they haven’t said if they are completely sure so there is a small possibility of finding evidence for life and aliens on a different planet. For people like me without the equipment we have to leave it to the professionals. People also have believed in space, they have found a small bit of life but, space is so big there is a high possibility there are aliens living there. But what we do know if you trespass into area 51 you will be in danger.