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Percentages by Imogen

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Programming Reflection by Imogen

What Algorithms have you been creating on the microbits?

We have been writing algorithms, which the micobit understands, to create animations like falling snow flakes and games such as guess the number.

How has sequencing affected your coding?

We have been using touch development to create algorithms which can be downloaded onto the microbit.

What variables have you used when programming the microbits?

Sequencing affects the code lots as if it is in the wrong order the code won’t work.

What are variables and have you used when programming the microbits?

A variable is something which changes in the code and store information. I used a variable when I programmed a compass on the microbit. The variable meant that when the microbit changed direction the letter, standing north, south, east or west, changed.

Have you used any loops?

I used a loop when programming a snowflake animation so that the snowflake would continuously fall.

What are functions and how you used them?

Functions are different sections of code inside the main code which do specific things. We used them to make the microbit work.

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Imogen LM

In this project we learnt how to use Photoshop. I found the image where I did the makeup hard . I really enjoyed this project and especially liked using the liquefy tool.

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The Bermuda Triangle-supernatural or not?

The Bermuda triangle is an area of ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda that is believed to be home to some of the worlds most spooky activities with ships and planes going missing. But is it all coincidence and bad weather or are we dealing with the super natural?

Arguments For: Ships and planes have vanished mysteriously in the Bermuda triangle, without a trace or an ‘S.O.S’ even with instructions to do so at the smallest sight of danger.When Christopher Columbus sailed through the Bermuda Triangle on his first journey to ‘the New World’, he reported a great flame of fire (possibly a meteor) smashed into the sea and a few weeks later he saw a strange light appear in the distance. He also wrote that there were strange compass readings.

Arguments Against:The Bermuda triangle a one of two places on earth that a magnetic compass doesn’t point true north.It is also sometimes thought that gas explosions lead to some of the disappearances in the Bermuda triangle.”It is very probable that the similar sinkholes in the ocean were produced of decomposing gas hydrates,”said Vladimir Romanovsky

In Conclusion: I believe that there is something spooky about the triangle although it is hard to  prove anything.