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James N Photoshop

In this project we used Photoshop to make pictures of people better. I found this easy at the beginning but hard at the end.

The easiest parts of the project was where we had to Liquefy there body.

I could of improved lots of things in this project  and could f finished some of the photos, Its really interesting how Photoshop can change the appearances of people.

I enjoyed this project because we had freedom on what we wanted to change on the peoples body.


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Are Aliens In Area 51?

This is a podcast about the believe of UFO’S and aliens this legend about a real place called area 51 which is illegal to enter it is located in Nevada which is in the western United States Of America.
Area 51 is also known as an army base.

Arguments for:

This is real information from a worker(Boyd Bushman) at area 51 who died on august 7th, He told the Tech Times that the Aliens that he encountered where 5 feet in height, Humanoid in shape and size but with different eyes and noses. They also have five toes and fingers. But don’t require a need of talking to communicate. They rely on telepathy to convey  what they needed. If they started floating while working,they were easy to grab because they dressed in dungarees.

Arguments against:

A newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of famed Area 51 in NEVADA, but conspiracy theorists will be disappointed the spy agency offers no proof of alien spaceship landings in the desert.

My opinion: I believe aliens do exist because of that there has been UFO spottings and the information from Boyd Bushman really wins me over because of the detail that he mentions.


racing game draft

i really enjoyed my time on scratch as i have been making and debugging my games this is just one of my games that i have made this year at the school this was hard as we had copy the code on  a video and every time we went to the website it always start from the begging but i still haven’t finished this racing game but i hope we get to continue this game next term

my game is still not completed