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Physics-forces by Katelyn T

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Programming reflection by Katelyn T

What have we been doing on the Micro bits?

We have been using a website called Micro:bit: Touch develop lessons to help us program the Micro bit. On this website there are loads of different tutorials that you can follow to help you program your Micro bit to do different things. Once we finished the tutorial we would press a button called compile and that allows me to download my algoriths on to my micro bit and the the the micro bit will do what we have programmed it to do.

 What sort of algorithms have you been writing?

I have written a range of different algorithms some examples of the ones I have written are :

Truth or dare,Snowflake fall,glowing sword and Guess the number.

The latest one I have finished is pong which was the one that I found hard to do as it has 36 steps to complete.


How has sequencing affected you code?

The sequence aloud my code to go in a specific order. This aloud the game e.g Truth or dare  to make sense. For example the sequence aloud the word truth or dare to show up in a random order so that people would not have to  continually  get a dare and some one else always get a Truth all the time otherwise the game would be very boring.


Have you had to debug anything? 

I have had to debug guess the number as it kept on showing up 1 and 2 but no other number this was because when I coded the Micro bit to show number 3,4,5 and 6 I did not put else if in front of them this meant that when I went to program my Micro bit it would not work so I had to go back and correct the code. Once I did that the Micro bit worked.


What are variables and have you used them when programming the Micro bit?


A variable is something that can change, depending on the way you have Programmed something. A variable usually consists of Information that tells the computer what to do.

I think that we have all used variables in our work as they tell the Micro-bit what to do.


Have you used any loops? Give some examples.

When I was working on the flashing heart I used a loop as the heart kept on flashing which shows that it is in a loop because It was doing the same thing over and over again.A  loop is when you program something to continue doing the same thing over and over again when you use loops you usually put things on something called a forever loop which keeps things that you have programmed doing the same thing forever until you stop it.


What are Functions and have you used them when programming your Micro bit?

In programming, a named section of a program that performs a specific task is called a function. A function is a type of  routine that the Micro bit follows.

We have used a function in every thing that we have coded as for our Micro bits to work they need to use a step by step instruction which we had created.

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