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Forces-by Marcus

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Marcus Sinden’s code reflection


1  The algorithms I have been using for the Micro bits is that I made a smile face using the LED lights to create the figure of a smiley face. After that I made a compass, how I done that is that there is a metal piece at the end of the Micro bit and all I had to do was put the degrees in and what way it is facing. The final Algorithm I made was a higher or lower game. For that I had to put in numbers 1 to 10, after that I had to make a shake sensor on it so when you shake it the numbers would change.

2 Sequencing has affected my code because I only knew the basic sequences for code like the Forever loop, go forward one step etc. but now I have learnt how to use micro bit, I have learnt more harder sequences to perform harder games or pictures.

3 I have debugged a code a couple of times on the micro bit before because once I was getting a picture of a smiley face but when the smiley face was flashing it was going too slow so I changed the speed of the flashing, so that the smiley face was visible more than going on and off slower so you can’t see it a lot.

4 I have used a lot of variables before for example I had to show the LED’s, so I had to make a loop that would make the smiley face show more than once and not go off and only see it once.

5 I have used loops because when I made the Higher or lower game I had to put the numbers on a loop so that they would show if they are higher or lower, than not having any numbers once because it would be too easy.

6 Function is as language or a sequence in computing terms. I have used them before to make a project on the micro bit tutorial.

Marcus ‘s Photoshop Project

Marcus’s Photoshop Project on PhotoPeach

We made people look better by using photo-shop because most people these days are photo-shopped.

what I done well was that I made good use of the liquifly tool to change people’s shape of their body parts.

What I could improve on next time is that I would make the lady’s face, which we had to remove the spot’s and the cuts, look better by making a bit of the face the same colour as a bit near it.

I really enjoyed this project and hope to use it in the future.

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Can the mans adventures

Are aliens real?

This podcast is discovering whether or not aliens are real .The legend started when a scientist had made a telescope , later that year he was looking through his telescope when he came across this planet called mars. The scientist ask his fellow scientist to look though his telescope, all the scientist started to help him on this project and that’s when people started to look for Aliens.


The website I have been looking for against it is quite small but it provides good information. In area 51 the aliens that they have found in area 51 is fake said one of the scientist. NASA have found footprints on the moon but don’t think its aliens they think its some little space holes.


NASA might have found a picture that the ISS have been monitored by aliens . This website tells me that aliens are real because area 51 claims that there was spaceship hovering over area 51. The American government might close area 51 down because if the aliens come back they will be taken over by the aliens.


I’ve decided that aliens are not real because the website that I found most helpful was against aliens and gave me good information that aliens are not real. If this have change your mind say in the comment what you think.


labour poster


this is my game i hope you like peace

use the left and right arrow key to move the car
make sure you don’t go onto the grass otherwise you will crash h

this my dragon game hope you like it


use the mouse to move the arrow
use the space bar to kiil the dragons

Rochester Cathedral by Marcus & Harry

Some bits where hard  some bits where easy.We had a new task so we didn’t know what was coming up. It was hard looking for the right pictures , We couldn’t just pick any photo they had to be labeled for reuse. The music was quiet simply . The research was hard but not too hard. The narration was done by harry and Marcus found the music.(Its also on YouTube)