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Sophie’s Photoshop project

Sophie’s photo shot project on PhotoPeach

We used Photoshop to learn about body image manipulation and how easy it is to change the way people look using Photoshop.

I think that the eye color change went well because it was quite easy to do and in my opinion it looks the most real and not fake.

I could improve on saving my work in a folder so that i don’t lose parts of my work. I could also improve on the teeth whitening picture.

I enjoyed the project because I didn’t get stuck and I thought the tutorials explained what to do very well.


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Sophie-Rainbow rush



hi i hope you enjoy playing this game

this game is not finished sorry but i hope you have a lot of fun any way

PONG by Sophie west


first you need to use the up and down arrows to work the paddles then you need to hit the ball its kind of like tennis. anyway have fun!!!

Fairy Fun



It was a fun project although  I got a bit left behind. first we had to design the backgrounds and sprites. Then we did all the coding which at first was really easy but the other bits were hard. Altogether this project was fantastic although i think their is room for improvement Sophie.

Identity Fraud by Sophie

Identity fraudsters can get lots of things off you, for example trust, bank accounts , credit cards, phone numbers, email addresses, but it is your responsibility not to let them, so that’s what I am here to tell you.

If a stranger emails you, do not answer even if they seem extremely kind and definitely don’t give them your phone number or your email address or your trust because once they have your trust, they may get mean and steal your identity which could cause many problems for you.