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Are aliens real?

This podcast is discovering whether or not aliens are real .The legend started when a scientist had made a telescope , later that year he was looking through his telescope when he came across this planet called mars. The scientist ask his fellow scientist to look though his telescope, all the scientist started to help him on this project and that’s when people started to look for Aliens.


The website I have been looking for against it is quite small but it provides good information. In area 51 the aliens that they have found in area 51 is fake said one of the scientist. NASA have found footprints on the moon but don’t think its aliens they think its some little space holes.


NASA might have found a picture that the ISS have been monitored by aliens . This website tells me that aliens are real because area 51 claims that there was spaceship hovering over area 51. The American government might close area 51 down because if the aliens come back they will be taken over by the aliens.


I’ve decided that aliens are not real because the website that I found most helpful was against aliens and gave me good information that aliens are not real. If this have change your mind say in the comment what you think.

Area 51- true or false ?

This is a podcast about whether or not area 51 has found any life or aliens on different planets. Area 51 is a military instillation in the United States of America, in the state of Nevada. Area 51 is a secret base trying to find aliens around the world and in space. So far people think that they have found aliens and life on different planets and in space but they haven’t clarified it yet. In my opinion I think they are real.

They say that they have found life in space but they haven’t said if they are completely sure so there is a small possibility of finding evidence for life and aliens on a different planet. For people like me without the equipment we have to leave it to the professionals. People also have believed in space, they have found a small bit of life but, space is so big there is a high possibility there are aliens living there. But what we do know if you trespass into area 51 you will be in danger. 


Are witches real or not?

Have you ever wondered whether witches are real not?

Everyone says there  are only a few websites which have talked people into believing witches are real but no one has proved that they are real overall. I don’t believe witches are real because no one has yet to prove it.Also some people say to their kids that they aren’t real because of their green skin. The main question is do witches exist or not? I believe not, because no one can and won’t prove it until many years or they might never prove it.some people believe witches are real because pictures are all over the internet and some look like real witches and believe that they are real because of a picture which I think is wrong.Witches cant be real because of their skin color.

Witches usually go  towards people and go around putting spells and curses on people. witches usually ride around on broom sticks.In conclusion witches are not real because broom sticks cant fly. Witches cant be real because of what kind of stuff they do like steel candy and make magic potions that they say they can do.

Does Area 51 really contain Aliens?

Area 51 is a secret military base in America, it started  in the 1960’s after the Cold War. It was used to store soviet-built aircraft’s. The U.S. Air Force base in southern Nevada, known unofficially as Area 51, is where some of the world’s most advanced aircraft have been flown and tested. Over the years, the base has been the main source of theories, in part because of rumors of preserved alien corpses stored on the premises, but also due to reports of exotic aircraft
that seem to defy the laws of physics.


A scientist called Mike Oram claims he was abducted by aliens f rom area 51.

Also he says that he was taken to sinister Military-dressed beings taking them through a portal to another dimension, and experimented on in bizarre medical suites. Also there’s been  people who have said to seen UFO’s in their gardens or have heard strange noises outside there house.some people are against this, and have been questioning scientists. Some say “if aliens exist how come they haven’t come to us and invaded the world?” How do we trust you if we cant see proof that they exist?


From the information I have gathered I think aliens do exist because there are other planets like ours somewhere in the universe. The aliens wont be exactly like us but they will be different in different ways.




Aliens!True or false?

The area 51 alien rumor stared when a man (who is unidentified) used to work for area 51 spilled the beans and said, we work with aliens they are everywhere there are friendly aliens and there are mean aliens. It first started in area 51 but it has spread across the whole  world. Going back to the doctor he died but the words and memories live on in his family’s lives.The most convincing argument is that the man was never seen again no grave, no birth certificate, just a memory.

The most convincing against argument is that AREA 51  said, we have no aliens or space ship of any kind in are base area 51 they also said that the presumed worker was lying  but they did admit that he worked for them.

I honestly  think that aliens are real and area 51 are just covering it up but no one has proved it,yet.

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Are Aliens In Area 51?

This is a podcast about the believe of UFO’S and aliens this legend about a real place called area 51 which is illegal to enter it is located in Nevada which is in the western United States Of America.
Area 51 is also known as an army base.

Arguments for:

This is real information from a worker(Boyd Bushman) at area 51 who died on august 7th, He told the Tech Times that the Aliens that he encountered where 5 feet in height, Humanoid in shape and size but with different eyes and noses. They also have five toes and fingers. But don’t require a need of talking to communicate. They rely on telepathy to convey  what they needed. If they started floating while working,they were easy to grab because they dressed in dungarees.

Arguments against:

A newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of famed Area 51 in NEVADA, but conspiracy theorists will be disappointed the spy agency offers no proof of alien spaceship landings in the desert.

My opinion: I believe aliens do exist because of that there has been UFO spottings and the information from Boyd Bushman really wins me over because of the detail that he mentions.



Do you believe in Bigfoot? Bigfoot is supposedly a creature that lives in forests in the north of america. Bigfoot is a hairy, large, muscular creature and is about 3-8 meters tall. The Bigfoot legend was said to start centuries ago in North America and Canada .

Here is some evidence for Bigfoot  :  About one third of the reports on his existence are from the pacific northwest, with remaining reports spread throughout the rest of North America. One of the most recent pieces of evidence on Bigfoot’s  existence is in 2007  when hunter Rick Jacobs caught on camera a supposed Sasquatch on a automatic camera. On 24 August on the construction site of the Big Horn Dam  in Alberta , five construction workers claimed they observed a very tall Sasquatch  a 300-foot high bank on the south for 85 minutes. When they went public, others in the area came forward with accounts of their own sightings.

Here is some evidence against Bigfoot :   Most scientists believe that Bigfoot is a myth or you are just getting him mixed up with a gorilla or ape of some sort because of the lack of physical evidence. Also Bigfoot is believed to be a hoax (making it up or tricking someone).

Image result for bigfoot

CONCLUSION: My conclusion is Bigfoot is fiction because there is not enough physical evidence  to prove he is real. some people make these stories about seeing him in the woods but it could just be a gorilla or they could just be trying to become famous and make money.


Dragons: do they exist?

Dragons:Do they exist?

Have you ever wondered whether Dragons exist or not? Well this podcast will teach you the facts.

Many people wonder whether dragons exist or not. Some people may think dragons are just in fairy tales where they fight knights but others say they used to exist a long time ago. Dragons are known as big mythical creatures that breathe fire and cause havoc amongst the  people. There also different types of dragon,each type of dragon lives in a different habitat and makes different sounds (roars). Dragons usually live in dark caves so they can sleep in peace but every now and then a knight would come and disturb its slumber causing the dragon to get angry and fight back. They also use these dark caves to raise their children and to keep their eggs away from predators.People have stated there are two types of Dragon: the Western Dragon and the Eastern Dragon. There may be more but they have not been discovered yet.

Arguments For

Many people have suggested that Dragons existed along time ago in the prehistoric age. Some people say that there are still dragons living on earth today like the Komodo Dragon.It is suggested that Dragons have been evolving over the years into things like lizards,reptiles and Komodo Dragons:this shows evidence that dragons could have existed but died out.

Arguments Against

Many people suggest that dragons don’t exist and are completely fake.Dragons have been noticed to be fighting knights or in fairy tales.People say Dragons aren’t real because there has been no proof and it hasn’t been discovered yet unlike dinosaurs. Also no animal or creature has ever been discovered to breathe fire.

In conclusion I think Dragons are not real because they may have evolved into lizards and I don’t think they exist because as I have been looking for pictures they seem to all be cartoon which is also why I STRONGLY suggest dragons aren’t real.

Yeti True or false

Do you think The Yeti is real or not? If you do I wouldn’t go to the Himalays!

The Yeti is a ape-man monster that lives in the Himalayas. This legend of the Yeti started in the 1832 and it still is going today.  Some people think the yeti has brown hair on his body and others say its white hair but does anyone really know. Lately scientist have found a piece of the yeti’s scalp and his hand. The Yeti scalp and hand has been kept in the Khumjung monastery. People say the yeti and big foot are cousin but are any of this information is true  or is it made up that’s why I’m doing this podcast.

For the Yeti

People have found proof of the Yeti like the scalp and they also found a hand. A group of people along with Charles Howard-Bury, when they climbed Mount Everest they discovered large foot prints in the snow/ground and they were about eight inches which is big for foot prints. People have said to seen the yeti going up the mountains and also people say that he live in an altitude of 12,000 feet in Nepal.

Against the Yeti

The foot print that Charles Howard-Bury found could of easily just been a human foot print because the website I used said that the foot print looks a lot like a humans. People have not been face to face with the Yeti and came back with proof or even in some cases alive so we don’t really know what the Yeti looks like. Artist  have drawn pictures of the yeti but all of them are different. The Yeti is a lot like big foot in away so if Big Foot is not real there is a high change that the Yeti isn’t true as well. Apart of the scalp and hand that the scientist found there is no other proof that it is real and if it was the scalp and the hand of the yeti surely it would be died and we would be able to find his body.

I have decided that the Yeti is not a true creature because there are a lot more and better information about against then there is for the assistance so this is why I don’t think the Yeti is a true creature but I could be wrong. If you disagree then leave a comment below!


The Bermuda Triangle-supernatural or not?

The Bermuda triangle is an area of ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda that is believed to be home to some of the worlds most spooky activities with ships and planes going missing. But is it all coincidence and bad weather or are we dealing with the super natural?

Arguments For: Ships and planes have vanished mysteriously in the Bermuda triangle, without a trace or an ‘S.O.S’ even with instructions to do so at the smallest sight of danger.When Christopher Columbus sailed through the Bermuda Triangle on his first journey to ‘the New World’, he reported a great flame of fire (possibly a meteor) smashed into the sea and a few weeks later he saw a strange light appear in the distance. He also wrote that there were strange compass readings.

Arguments Against:The Bermuda triangle a one of two places on earth that a magnetic compass doesn’t point true north.It is also sometimes thought that gas explosions lead to some of the disappearances in the Bermuda triangle.”It is very probable that the similar sinkholes in the ocean were produced of decomposing gas hydrates,”said Vladimir Romanovsky

In Conclusion: I believe that there is something spooky about the triangle although it is hard to  prove anything.

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