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Physics Revision – Energy by Alice M

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Programming Reflection by Alice M

What Algorithms have we been creating on the Microbits?

An algorithm is a set of instructions in the right order for a computer or game to follow. We have been creating some complexed algorithms on our computers which we then download the code onto our microbit. We used the touch develop  tutorials to follow in order for us to create this code in the microbit touch develop section. I created Whack-a-Mole  which was a complexed piece of algorithm. This game used the while do block in order for something else to be happening while the game is also doing another piece of code.

How has sequencing affected your code?

Sequencing has been important because if you got the code in the wrong order the game wouldn’t work. This is because in order for the game to work the algorithm needs to be in a systematic format for the game to work properly.

Have you had to debug anything?

Yes, I have had to debug my game of Whack-a-Mole because instead of the arrow coming up when you hit the mole the arrow came up every time even if you missed. So, I had to find the problem and it was that the show leds block with a tick was in the forever loop which meant it wouldn’t stop showing the tick forever it is also meant it in the loop name ‘forever.’

What are variables and have you used them when programming Microbits?

A variable is a store of information that can change and record a certain piece of code. I have used variables in my game of Whack-a-Mole. For example: I used a variable to store information  on the position of the mole throughout my algorithms  and I used the start time variable to know how long the player has to hit the mole.

Have you used any loops?

Yes, in Whack-a-Mole I used the while if do loop. This means while my code was moving the mole if button A was pressed add one point to the score.  I used also used the while do loop which means to do two things at once. While button A is pressed add one to score and while this is happening move the position from side to side.

What are functions and have you used them when coding Microbits?

Functions are a piece of code that can be called over and over again and they are segments of code that perform the steps of the code. I used a function in the spinner game. The function included all the code for the game.

Alice M’s Photoshop Project

Alice Moody’s Photoshop Project on PhotoPeach

This project went well with a shaky start and having to start again on several pictures. But then I worked my way through the pictures getting better each time. I completed many of the pictures with high standards and I helped people along the way if they had any problems. But I could of completed two more pictures and the extension. Overall, I did well because I hadn’t really used Photoshop before.

Dino the Dinosaur by Alice M

Are Fairies Real?


The legend of Fairies has existed since the Bible began. Fairies are described has tiny humans with magical powers. Fairies were first sighted in folklore and their region is in Europe but they are mostly described in The British Isles. There are quite a few types of Fairies here they are:Banshees,Brownies, Boggarts, Gremlins, Hikey Sprites, Jenny Greenteeth, Leprechauns, Pixies and the normal type of Fairies. Fairies love the smell of fresh flowers and the sound of laughter this attracts them.

My Argument FOR Fairies:

  • According to The Mail Newspaper a University Lecturer claimed to have taken some photographs over two years to try and prove that fairies do exist. But the problem with this argument is that the fairies look photoshopped and look like pieces of flying paper because the images are unclear and blurry. So, the photo’s have been tempered with to try and get people to believe that fairies do exist.
A university lecturer is claiming to have photographed these 'fairies' flying through the air in the British countryside

This is one of the photo’s the man had taken. You can see the fairies.

My Argument AGAINST Fairies:

  • The Cottingley Fairies are believed to be real but this website shows that the photos taken by Frances Griffith’s Uncle and Elsie Wright’s Father. The problem with the photo’s are that the fairies look like sheets of tracing paper and some of the photo’s look like they have china Fairies in them. Despite the problems with the photo’s they still attract believer’s.


If you look close enough you can see that there is a hat pin going straight through the gnomes stomach which means that the creatures in the pictures are fake.

Overall, I think that fairies do not exist because the argument against has a lot more evidence to prove that fairies are fake and the photo’s were tempered with also, there is not enough evidence at the moment to try and prove that Fairies are real and not fake. So, my conclusion is that  I believe that fairies are fake and not real.

Scratch Games By Alice M.



Player 1: To go up press a, to go down press z, to go left use the left arrow and to go right use the right arrow.

Player 2: To go up press the up arrow ,to go down press the down arrow, to go left use x and to go right use s.

Parrot Shooter


Press the space bar to shoot the parrots and to get more parrots and score more points press a.

Car Racing Game


Red Car: To turn left use the left arrow and to turn right use the right arrow.

Blue Car:To turn left use the letter z and to turn right use the letter x.


In this project we had a few films about each project and we had to work out the algorithms of the games. I was good at writing the code when the film was wrong.

I could of maybe added a new level to Pong and Parrot Shooter but I didn’t have time. I really liked this project and hope to do many more games.

The Black Widow Submarine by Alice & Shreya

This project was a really fun but had some hard parts about it. The hard parts were finding the correct submarine and the correct facts about it. Also finding pictures that can be labelled for reuse for our film were really hard to find. We have never had a topic like this in I.C.T so it was all new to us, so we had to learn how to use Movie Maker. I really enjoyed this topic and hope to do a few more topic’s like this one.

How to Stay Safe On Your Mobile – Alice M.

How and Why should you stay safe on your mobile phone?

On your phone you should keep the software up to date, most phones give regular updates to security locks. Furthermore, never reply to nasty text or e-mail messages and don’t lend your phone to someone that you don’t trust or don’t  know. A strong password includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letter’s, numbers and symbols. Take care when downloading apps- if something looks too good to be true it probably is. Always lock your device, don’t leave it lying around open or someone can take it. Mobile phone’s, especially smart phones are mobile computers. Do not give out personal details to people that you do not know. Personal details include things like: your name and date of birth, your home address, your mobile number, pictures of your family and friends and you should use a nickname when your on-line chatting, gaming websites or keep your real name, address, telephone number and the school that you go to a secret. Don’t store your passwords on your phone or tablet.


Project Reflection So Far…

We started looking at e-safety  and we had a brainstorm online on Padlet. Also we made up a essential question that is “How can we keep our community safe online”.  Then we had to choose a subject that we would like to do. So we are now in groups and named them.

And we have looked at the topic that we have picked and we have chosen our question and mine is “how and why should we stay safe on your mobile phones” plus our group is called “B.Safe and I am with Phoebe . We are  going to be doing research about our our question and e-mailing experts to find out what they think. We used Popplet to do a brainstorm on what we can do with in our question and find out of information. We did our question in the middle and did little boxes off it and writing things we would like to do. We are going to make video’s and other things and to research things how we can keep  people safe on their mobiles. We are having great fun doing this. It is really cool and exciting.