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Tectonic Plate Revision by Alice O

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Programming Reflection by aliceo

What algorithms have you been creating on the microbits?

I have been creating many algorithms over the course of this term. I have used algorithms to create games on the microbit eg. pong, minesweeper and catch the egg. Another algorithm I used showed a line of text on the microbit. On the microbit it would say whatever I coded it to say on the line of text eg. ‘hello’! An algorithm is a set of instructions for the code to follow and do.

How has sequences affected your code?

Sequencing affected my code by if I didn’t put the code in the right order the whole code wouldn’t work properly  because in a way the code relies on each other. For example, if you put ‘end’ at the beginning of the script then when you compile it onto the microbit it would say ‘end’ when you turn it on instead of ‘start’. A sequence is when you put the script and code into the right order.

Have you had to debug anything? Provide examples.

When I made the car dodging game and I compiled it onto the microbit I relised that the cars you had to dodge only went down one row. To debug this what I had to do was work out where the code was wrong and attempt to fix it. I did find what was wrong and I debugged it, I compiled it back onto the microbit and it was working right. Debugging means you have to figure out what is wrong with your code and fix it.

What are variables and have you used them when programming microbits?

I did use variables when I made the games. When I made the car racing game the variable I used most was ‘set to’ . There are quite a few variables in coding. A variable is a part of your code that store information so it can change information so it can change them to make the code work or to record a certain thing.

Have you used any loops? Give examples.

I have used loops in coding. The loop I used most was ‘repeat times do’ and ‘while do’. The ‘repeat times do’ loop tells the code to repeat the next part of code however many times you want it to (eg4) and then after it does if (eg4) times it will do whatever you code it to do next. A loop is a part of code that keeps on getting repeated over and over again.

What are functions and how have you used them when coding your microbit?

A function is a piece of code that you can place anywhere  over and over again. I have used many functions in the coding project. For example, you could put your code in a forever loop so it carries on repeating it and so you don’t have to type it out again and again.




Alice O’s Photoshop Project

Alice O’s Photoshop Project on PhotoPeach

I think I did okay with this Project. I completed most of them and some were quite good, I think.

I could improve by actually finishing editing all the images and spending more time on the images I did because I think they were a bit messy.

I did enjoy this Project and I wish I did finish editing all the images.

Ninja Chicken Dash! – Alice

Scratch Games By Alice O.


Press A to get the fish to show and press space to shoot the fish.


Use the Up and down arrow keys to move your panel.


Use the Left and Right arrow keys to control the pink car and ‘A’ and ‘D’ for the purple car! Don’t go on the green or you will explode!


Use the Up arrow to stay up, don’t touch the sun, clouds or skyscrapers you will die!!


Reflection: We made these games using Scratch I found it a bit hard at times but other that that it was easy! I hope you like my games of PONG, FISHY WISHY SHOOTER, CAR RACING and HELICOPTER!!!

Who Does Cyber Bullying?

To start you people off on cyber bullying, this is what it is: Cyber bullying is when someone bullies you online or on mobile phones. Some people cyber bully for the money,  bulling victims are 2 in 9 times more likely to commit suicide!

Now  here is some notes about who does Cyber Bullying:

Stupid people do it who want to have a laugh, then some people do it if they are angry because their friends have annoyed them and some people do it because they are bored. They do it for revenge, a way to stay popular and it makes them feel more powerful if they hurt the people who they cyber bully. Some people commit suicide if they have done or been cyber bullied and figures suggest that at least 20 people commit suicide per year around the world and most of the million is kids age 6-17!

Hoped you liked it and hoped you learnt something from it.