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Liberal Democrats Blog Post

Blog Post for Lib Dems:
The Liberal Democrats have made lots of promises like the other parties. But unlike the other parties we will keep our promises and make the country a better place.
We Promise to:
Increase NHS funding by £8 billion a year by 2020.
Add an extra £500 million for mental health care.
Encourage phone and Skype appointments.
Pooled health and social care budgets by 2018.
Restrict the marketing of junk food to children.
Make it clear that NHS services do not have to be put out to tender.

Scratch Games by Annabelle O.

The idea of the game is to shoot all of the flying hippo’s before the timer runs out!

Instructions to Flying Hippo Shoot:

Use your mouse to direct where the target goes

Press the Space Bar to make the Hippo’s disappear

press A to reset the game

press the blue S to start the game

When I was making Flying Hippo Shoot I had to do a lot of coding and it got quite confusing. We had to make lots of variables like SCORE (for the score of the player)and TIMER(for how long you should play for). I think I could improve by making the game more like a game and putting a GAME OVER screen and maybe I could have added more levels.


The idea of the game is to not let the ball get past the white brick!


press Click To Start to Start the game

use A to go up on the left hand brick and Z to go down on the left hand brick

use up arrow to make the brick on the right go up and use the down arrow to make it go down

When I was making Pong it was a lot harder than flying hippo. Because in Flying Hippo I just had to duplicate most of the code, but with Pong I had to code 4 different sprites to make them do confusing things. There were a lot of algorithms and they got very confusing. I think I could have done better by making a GAME OVER screen and making it more colorful so people would like to play it.


INSTRUCTIONS: To control the blue car use the left arrow to go left and the right arrow to go right. To control the pink car use the A key to go right and the D key to go left. For both cars you are not allowed to go on the green otherwise you will crash.

When I was making my car racing game it was easier than both PONG and Flying Hippo Shoot because I just had to code 2 cars and a couple of backgrounds. I think I could have done better by making more levels and making more colorful to make people want to play it.

Cyber-Bullying Summary

Hello! My name is Annabelle and I am going to talk to you about the topic Cyber Bullying.

There are so many different types of Cyber Bullying and some of them are really mean and nasty such as:

Sending nasty Emails or Texts which could upset people and lower their self-esteem.

Setting up hate groups which can allow people to join and make other social networking sites to annoy and humiliate the person.

One very bad one can be Facebook and Twitter. Although they are normally safe, they can be used negatively as they allow people to follow you and even strangers may start cyber-bullying you. This will not happen if you know how to use these sites well then this will not happen.

Also people can start doing things like having votes on who they think are the most horrible fattest and uggliest people in their school. This is clearly very mean and should be dealt with seriously.

So whatever you do DONT CYBER-BULLY!