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Anusha’s Scratch Games


Instructions for Pong: You have paddles to hit with and a ball flying around the screen. This game is for you to hit the ball so the other person doesn’t get it. You will score a point if you hit the ball and the other person doesn’t get it. Enjoy!

Instructions for Butterfly Shooting: Your aim is to shoot all the butterflies in 10 seconds before the time runs out. Hover the target over the butterfly you want to shoot. To shoot press the space bar. If you miss you get points deducted.If you shoot the golden ball then you get extra points. Press the a key to get the butterflies back again.Have fun!

Instructions for Car Racing Game: For the red car use the up and down arrows to control the car. For the blue car use the a and z key to control the car. Press the green flag twice to get both cars moving. First one to the pink finish line wins!


These games were very fun games to make. I would definitely do this again. The hardest part was publishing the games and my favourite part was actually putting the code on.


My Movie on Rochester Cathedral

This project was a fun, new experience, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Although there were a lot of difficult parts, like the narration it was still enjoyable. This is a  film about Rochester Cathedral worth watching! We would definitely consider doing another film like this.

100 words challenge

 In the middle of a shadowy, gloomy forest a isolated cottage stood. The canopy of trees was so thick that no beam of sunshine could get through. Ivy choked gnarled,twisted trees. But as the leaves rustled one foggy day an old hag walked out of a untidy,queer cottage. She was looking for meat for her dinner. Dog meat or horse meat would do. Just then a deer cantered by looking for grass to gnaw on. The hag raised the gun and aimed at the deer’s brain; the best place to shoot an animal. Instantly the deer collapsed while the hag rubbed her lips longing for supper.