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Geography OS Maps Revision – Aron Dencker

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Aron Dencker’s Micro-Bit Programming Reflection

During my work with the micro-bits i have made a 2 Player Pong game with a paddle to hit the ball and a ball that bounces off the walls and has to be hit by a paddle on the other micro-bit (the opponent) or the other person wins! While coding this i have been:

Using algorithms to  solve problems that might occur while the code is running. an example is that if the code is running but the game hasn’t started the true/false will tell the code weather or not to show the ball and it will also tell the micro-bit where the ball is and if it is on the other micro-bit.

I have also been sequencing my code so that the countdown does not happen after the game. I have been putting my code in an order so that when it runs from top to bottom the right things happen at the right time.

An example of a variable that i have used is the paddle and where is is on the micro-bit.  where the paddle is determines whether or not it will hit the ball to shoot back or if it will miss and the other person will win.

I have had to debug a massive amount of errors such as pieces of code not being in a loop and lines of code being in the wrong place. These bugs take ages to discover and they can be quite annoying.

One of the many loops i used was about keeping the ball moving until it hits the far wall of a micro-bit if the paddle misses it. I use a if and else  loop inside a while loop.

One of the moist common functions i used was the A and B button to move the paddle left and right. These are simple to make but imperative to the game working properly.

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Aron D’s Photoshop Project



This project was surprisingly simple! Photoshop provided all the tools to easily change other people. The project was fun to do and it was interesting to find out what you can do to photo’s. My favorite photo was the spot removal. Pleas enjoy the video and leave comments.

Like if you enjoyed the music! 🙂

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Zombie Run By Aron

Fairies draft



Fairies are creatures that some say to be real. I have done some research to show if they are real or not. Also fairies are not always said to be nice. In the olden times Fairies were said to be trouble makers and would come around wrecking peoples homes.

Argument against Fairies

76% of people say Fairies are fake because they haven’t seen them directly with there own eyes but most people haven’t seen Space directly with there own eyes but we know its real. The evidence that fairies are fake that I have got is a BBC article that CLAIMS children have put doors for fairies to live in. Although it claims for it to be children putting the but it has no actual proof like most things to do with fairies.

Argument for Fairies

fairiesStrangely I found more sites saying Fairies are real than sites saying Fairies are fake I guess this is because so many people say fairies are fake and people want them to think that Fairies are real. The evidence that I found that Fairies are real is a website called Live-Science that claims to have a girl that has had her picture with Fairies. I believe that the Fairies are cardboard cut-outs because if you look closely you can see that the fairies are 2D and the girl cant see them (that what they want us to think) so if the girl cant see them how will the camera be able to take a photo?



In conclusion I still think fairies are fake  because the evidence for them being real isn’t very good and there is no scientific evidence that they exist.