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History: The Transatlantic Slave Trade by Callum MacDonald

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Callum MacDonald’s Microbit Reflection

An Algorithm is a step by step precise sequence of instructions or a set of rules when performing a task. We all made a game on the micro bit by following an Instruction that the tutorials have given us. We have made different on how to make a pong game, a meteorite game and a racing car game. We have created these games by making LEDs light up and making it so that when the A or B buttons are pressed the LEDs string changes it’s position on the Micro bit.

A Sequence helps put the code in the right order and make sure everything is not in the wrong order. Sequencing has been useful in my code as it helps me via loops and functions. It helps us input code such as repeat a step as many times until something happens.

Debugging is when you look through your code and you find something wrong. I have only had to debug once or twice. One of the times that I debugged is when I coded the Micro bit to say the wrong thing. Debugging is very useful and helps you find if there is anything wrong in your code.

A variable stores a piece of information in the computer whilst a program is running so it can be running and retrieved later. Variables help me as I use them quite frequently. They are used as the X and Y on the Micro bit.

A loop is something that happens over and over again. Loops are really use full and I use quite a lot of them and they make coding quite easy because it just repeats the same code so you don’[t have to write out the same thing over and over again. An Example of this is an Infinite loop as these keep your game running and it makes it so that you don’t have to keep starting up the game.

A function is a type of procedure or routine. Most programming languages come with a prewritten set of functions that are kept in a library and our text editor has it’s own. You can also write your own functions to perform specialized tasks. An Example of a function is when you tell the computer what LEDs need to light up.

Callum’s Photoshop Project

Callum’s Photoshop Project on PhotoPeach

I feel that that the projects went well. I feel that the projects I did badly on were the red eye and the teeth colour.

The reason it went well was that most of the photos looked real and looked like there was an improvement from before and after.

I found this project really fun as I feel that i have extremely improved with my Photoshop skills

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Dog in trouble by Callum MacDonald

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is consider to be the cup from which Jesus drank out of at the last supper. It was said to catch the blood of Christ when he had hung from the cross. The Holy Grail is told to have healing powers. The healing powers are used in Indiana Jones.

Reasons For 

There are actually Historical Documents on where the Holy Grail may be hidden away in different places. There are Ten possible resting places that I have found.

10. Accokeek Maryland

9. Oak Island Nova Scotiaere.

8.Rosslyn Chapel Roslin, Scotland

7.Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury

6.The Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, Israel 

5.Cathedral di San Lorenzo Genoa, Italy

4.Cathedral de Santa Maria de Valencia Spain

3.Santa Maria de Montserrat Catalonia, Spain

2.Somewhere in the Jerusalem Sewers

1.Fort Knox, Kentucky


In Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival’s stories presents the Holy Grail as a stone which provides sustenance and prevents anyone who beholds it from dying within a week.

The search for the Holy Grail became the main quest of the knights of King Arthur. It was believed to be kept in a mysterious castle surrounded by a wasteland and guarded by a protector called the Fisher King, who suffered from a wound that would not heal.

Reasons Against

I could not find any evidence that sez that the Holy Grail doesn’t exists, but I would think that if it’s healing powers were used in films and books that the magical side of  it may not be true.


I have come to the conclusion (from the evidence that I have found) that the healing powers and the actual object of the Holy Grail do exist.

Parrot shooter, pong, helicopter game and racing car game by Callum MacDonald

This is the Parrot Shooter game


Click space bar to shoot and when all the parrots are dead click  a  for them to appear.

Each level gets harder every time you get to the next level. You are a target zone and

you have to shoot all the parrots.

This is pong.

instructions for player 1:

What you have to do is use the  up arrow  and the  down arrow  to go up and down. What

you have to do is to hit the ball with your paddle to try and get it to your scoring zone to

score or, use the paddle to defend there scoring zone.

instructions for player 2:

What you have to do is use the w and the s button to go up and down. What

you have to do is to hit the ball with your paddle to try and get it to your scoring zone to

score or, use the paddle to defend there scoring zone.



I think that my game could be better if I labelled the levels

I really enjoyed creating both of the games because, I knew that the end result would be fun to play.



Helicopter game


Click space to go up. You automatically go down. Do not touch the grey



Racing car game


You automatically move forward. One player moves by the arrows the other by a and d.


These games were really fun to make.

King’s School Rochester by Callum MacDonald

This is a interesting film on King’s School Rochester. It tells you the History, were it is and lots more. I enjoyed creating this film because I was creating something about my School. I think the music and Narration went well. I think I could of put more facts and slides in. I hope anyone that watches it will enjoy it.

But as the leaves rustled

But as the leaves rustled
It was a normal day as Jenkins walked through the park. He thought of his mum and dad. He missed them. He did not see why his parent had to go away and leave him with his horrible uncle who used him as a slave. He watched the leaves rustle in the wind as he saw a man dressed in rags looking at him. Jenkins perked up and started to walk towards the man. As he did the man walked away. Jenkins followed, but the man was not there. The leaves started rustling. The trees started blowing, laughing at him.

Computer Viruses

What are the different types of computer viruses?

Trojan horses viruses are actually ordinary downloads but they actually crash your computer. The Trojan Horses do not have a giant affect on a number of people because they are discovered quickly.

Email viruses first popped up in the 90s. When the use of email became known the email viruses was able to spread quicker than normal viruses, because they are sent through an email.

Worms are parts of a code that uses computer networks and security holes to double them and wreak destruction on systems.  Worms are computer programs that are able to double themselves from computer to computer, through networks.

Direct Action Virus:  this virus, unlike most viruses, only comes into action when the file containing the virus is opened. The virus is delivered and then the virus becomes open or it takes no other action unless an infected file is opened again

Resident Virus: this virus applies to any virus that inserts itself into the memory of the computer. After that it may take any number of actions and run by itself on the file that was originally attacked.

Multiparty Virus while some viruses are happy to spread through one method or deliver a single load, multiparty viruses want it all!