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My Scratch Games

Bat Shooter

Instructions for the bat shooter:

Use the mouse to aim

Press the space bar to shoot




Instructions for pong:

Player 1:

W=move up     S=move down

Player 2

Up arrow=move up

Down arrow=move down

Pong revived

Instuctions for Pong Revived:

Player 1:

W=move up     S=move down

Player 2

Up arrow=move up

Down arrow=move down

Police chase

Instructions for Police Chase:

Police Car: Left arrow key = turn left,    Right arrow key= turn right

Catch the sports car and crash into it before time runs out.

Sports Car: “A”  key = turn left,    “D” key =turn right

Don’t let the Police car catch you and don’t go off the track!!


We watched a tutorial on how to make the games and for the Bat Shooter we could move at our own pace. We had to use new types of sequencing and making the algorithms was a challenge, but an interesting one.   I think I was Good at making up ideas and trying to put them into action. I could possibly improve on debugging my code a little better. I really enjoyed this project and i would love to do it again.

My Movie on Rochester Cathedral

This project was a fun, new experience, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Although there were a lot of difficult parts, like the narration it was still enjoyable. This is a  film about Rochester Cathedral worth watching! We would definitely consider doing another film like this.


The worst day of my life started on the way home from school. I decided to ride my bike home through the ‘Unforgiving Wood’, little did I know it was the last time I’d ever go there. As I started racing through the woods, jumping over bumps and humps I felt like someone was following me. I skidded to a halt and looked over my shoulder to see if anyone actually had been following me. Suddenly, a branch from an oak tree snapped and nearly flattened me. Luckily I  got out of the way just in time. I looked around and as the leaves rustled…!












How to prevent internet scams

How Can We Prevent Being Scammed Online?

After doing some research, I found out that lots of scams are from people clicking on advertisements or pop-ups offering money.  Some pop-ups will claim that you are the 100,000th visitor and that you could earn £100 a month for the rest of your life as long as you enter your bank details. After  a couple months you might find that instead of  claiming money you might find yourself paying £15 a week for a website you did not even sign up to. If you come across an advertisement that looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Internet scams are no laughing matter especially when it happens to you, so you need to consider whether in fact the offer does seem to be too good to be true. You must try not to take the offer no matter how good it may be!