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Car Racing Game

Racing Car Game


Use the key arrows to move your car.Then, if you touch the green you crash and press the green flag to start again.

Parrot shooting Game by Elsie


This term, we have been using a program called scratch. Scratch is where you make algorithms and code to make your game. I enjoyed this project because I learnt more about code and how it works.


I could have made more levels but overall I think I did a pretty good job.

Revealing the Cathedrals Secrets

This term 2J have been learning how to use movie maker. For the first few lessons we researched for information on Rochester cathedral and then we started to make our movies.I find movie maker very easy to use and I enjoyed using it.I think we could of improved with our pictures,but overall I think we did a good job. I would love to use movie maker often I enjoyed this project.

Elsie’s Identity Fraud Prezi

Who Commits Identity Fraud And Why?

People commit Identity Fraud so that they can earn money and spend it on lots of things. Sometimes it is someones close family or friends, that steal identities.

When You Know You Are A Victim

You don’t get your bills or other mail, medical providers bill you for services you didn’t use. A health plan won’t cover you because your medical records show a condition you don’t have.

How You Can Help Yourself

You can research on your smart phone,you can talk to a specialist that can help you. You could even visit a prison and ask questions to anyone who committed identity fraud. You could send a letter to the government saying that you are getting your identity stolen and ask them for help.