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Fairies! True or false?

Do fairies exist or not? That is the question. If fairies are real, why do some people not believe in fairies? I think they can be true  and false at the same time. It’s your choice to choose if it is! Lisa Wildgoose have take a picture of flower on her garden  and just next to this flower is a fairy! Other people have seen fairies in their gardens as well. However,  other people  think is not real because if you don’t see you don’t believe! So if you are one of these people you can listen to my podcast!

At the beginning of my podcast I didn’t believe but after, I think it can be real as there is some convincing evidence! What do you think?


Fairies – By Phoebe Revell

The legend of Fairies has existed since the Bible began. Fairies are sometimes described as tiny mythical creatures with magical powers. There are many different types of fairies, there are; Banshees, Boggarts, Brownies, Gremlins, Hikey Sprites, Jenny Greenteeth, Leprechauns and Pixies. That’s only a few types of fairy folk. There are also books written about fairies. I bet that anyone would be able to mention a book including a fairy.

For Fairies:

Many People believe in fairies. There has been a few sightings (a few people have said). There have been mysterious doors at the bottom of trees found. These doors are called “fairy” doors.

You can see that in the picture there are tiny little creatures claimed as fairies, I am not sure whether they are or not there is no reason why they can’t be.

Here is a skeleton of a “fairy”.

Against fairies:

Most people  believe that fairies are indeed a legend and that all the “sightings” have only been changed, photoshopped or edited. They also believe that fairies don’t exist because they haven’t seen them with their own eyes. I have to admit, that most pictures are not actually real. You can clearly see that they have been altered. Also the rest of the pictures either look like tiny bits of tracing paper or china dolls.

This picture has obviously been altered because there is a massive red ring around the enlarged fairy.

In this image it is pretty obvious that the “fairies” are, one – too big, and two – look like china dolls.

Overall, I think that there is not really enough evidence to prove that fairies do exist at the moment, however, I also think that fairies existed earlier, in the seventeen-hundreds or something, maybe in the future. So, I sort of believe in fairies.

Are Fairies Real?


The legend of Fairies has existed since the Bible began. Fairies are described has tiny humans with magical powers. Fairies were first sighted in folklore and their region is in Europe but they are mostly described in The British Isles. There are quite a few types of Fairies here they are:Banshees,Brownies, Boggarts, Gremlins, Hikey Sprites, Jenny Greenteeth, Leprechauns, Pixies and the normal type of Fairies. Fairies love the smell of fresh flowers and the sound of laughter this attracts them.

My Argument FOR Fairies:

  • According to The Mail Newspaper a University Lecturer claimed to have taken some photographs over two years to try and prove that fairies do exist. But the problem with this argument is that the fairies look photoshopped and look like pieces of flying paper because the images are unclear and blurry. So, the photo’s have been tempered with to try and get people to believe that fairies do exist.
A university lecturer is claiming to have photographed these 'fairies' flying through the air in the British countryside

This is one of the photo’s the man had taken. You can see the fairies.

My Argument AGAINST Fairies:

  • The Cottingley Fairies are believed to be real but this website shows that the photos taken by Frances Griffith’s Uncle and Elsie Wright’s Father. The problem with the photo’s are that the fairies look like sheets of tracing paper and some of the photo’s look like they have china Fairies in them. Despite the problems with the photo’s they still attract believer’s.


If you look close enough you can see that there is a hat pin going straight through the gnomes stomach which means that the creatures in the pictures are fake.

Overall, I think that fairies do not exist because the argument against has a lot more evidence to prove that fairies are fake and the photo’s were tempered with also, there is not enough evidence at the moment to try and prove that Fairies are real and not fake. So, my conclusion is that  I believe that fairies are fake and not real.

Fairies draft



Fairies are creatures that some say to be real. I have done some research to show if they are real or not. Also fairies are not always said to be nice. In the olden times Fairies were said to be trouble makers and would come around wrecking peoples homes.

Argument against Fairies

76% of people say Fairies are fake because they haven’t seen them directly with there own eyes but most people haven’t seen Space directly with there own eyes but we know its real. The evidence that fairies are fake that I have got is a BBC article that CLAIMS children have put doors for fairies to live in. Although it claims for it to be children putting the but it has no actual proof like most things to do with fairies.

Argument for Fairies

fairiesStrangely I found more sites saying Fairies are real than sites saying Fairies are fake I guess this is because so many people say fairies are fake and people want them to think that Fairies are real. The evidence that I found that Fairies are real is a website called Live-Science that claims to have a girl that has had her picture with Fairies. I believe that the Fairies are cardboard cut-outs because if you look closely you can see that the fairies are 2D and the girl cant see them (that what they want us to think) so if the girl cant see them how will the camera be able to take a photo?



In conclusion I still think fairies are fake  because the evidence for them being real isn’t very good and there is no scientific evidence that they exist.