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How did Britain change between 1750 and 1900?

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George’s Computing Reflection

What ALGORITHMS have you been CREATING on the micro bits?
This term I have been creating projects that we then transferred onto the micro bits to test. To do this we made algorithms which are a set of rules that the code follows in order to run/make your program. The games that I made were, flappy bird, 1 player pong, a compass and 2 player pong, which I had to use crocodile clips to connect.

How has SEQUENCING affected your code?
Sequencing has affected my code because if you don’t sequence your code then everything will happen in the wrong order.

Have you DEBUGGED anything? Provide examples.
Debugging is when you go through your code and fix any errors which may stop your code from working, running as you want it to. You can also use hashtags to help you remember what bits of code mean so if there is an error in your code, you can fix it easily.

What are variables and have you used them when programming micro bits?
A variable is something that can change. You use these in a game when counting a score for example. This is because you cant have a score that just stays the same otherwise the game won’t work.

Have you used any loops? Give some examples.
A loop is a piece of code that is repeated as many times as it needs to do until it is told to stop. I used this in my flappy bird project as I had to get the barriers to keep coming back until the bird hit one of them, in which they would stop.

What are functions and how have you used them when coding Micro bits
A function is something that is there so you can use it at any time whilst coding. For example at the beginning of the flappy bird project you put the bird as a word so then you didn’t have to keep putting the whole words in.

Overall I enjoyed this project and I am probably going to keep on going with it and try to get better.

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Rabbit Run by George C.

My Scratch Games by George C.


Instructions: To start you have to click the green flag. To move the red side player you have to click the up arrow to go up and the down arrow to go down.

Shoot The Bats

Instructions: To shoot you have to click the SPACE bar and if all of your bats go in the time given click A to get them all back. If the game is over and you want to play again hold down the UP ARROW.


Race To Win

Instructions: To move the Blue car you have to click the keys x to go right and z to go left. To move the red car you have to click the right arrow to turn right and the left arrow to turn left. The first person to reach the yellow line wins.



In this project we followed tutorials and ordered the code to make our games work. I was good at getting all of the simple codes in the right place but when it got to making different backdrops come in it got a lot harder. I think I could improve by making a welcome screen and making there be level ups. Overall I really enjoyed this project and am going to carry on doing this at home.