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Harry w- magical muffin

scratch games


Shoot the parrots with the space bar  and if you shoot all of them and if you need more press A


First I watched the tutorial closely and need to do a few things to make it better but I think i did well


To move the bouncers press a and z to move up and down and the same but to move press up arrow and down arrow

Reflection: I was away  one day so I struggled a bit but  hung on  thought I did well.

Rochester Cathedral by Marcus & Harry

Some bits where hard  some bits where easy.We had a new task so we didn’t know what was coming up. It was hard looking for the right pictures , We couldn’t just pick any photo they had to be labeled for reuse. The music was quiet simply . The research was hard but not too hard. The narration was done by harry and Marcus found the music.(Its also on YouTube)