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Physics light and reflection by James W

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Otie by James W

Does Area 51 really contain Aliens?

Area 51 is a secret military base in America, it started  in the 1960’s after the Cold War. It was used to store soviet-built aircraft’s. The U.S. Air Force base in southern Nevada, known unofficially as Area 51, is where some of the world’s most advanced aircraft have been flown and tested. Over the years, the base has been the main source of theories, in part because of rumors of preserved alien corpses stored on the premises, but also due to reports of exotic aircraft
that seem to defy the laws of physics.


A scientist called Mike Oram claims he was abducted by aliens f rom area 51.

Also he says that he was taken to sinister Military-dressed beings taking them through a portal to another dimension, and experimented on in bizarre medical suites. Also there’s been  people who have said to seen UFO’s in their gardens or have heard strange noises outside there house.some people are against this, and have been questioning scientists. Some say “if aliens exist how come they haven’t come to us and invaded the world?” How do we trust you if we cant see proof that they exist?


From the information I have gathered I think aliens do exist because there are other planets like ours somewhere in the universe. The aliens wont be exactly like us but they will be different in different ways.




My Scratch Games By James Watmough


WWW: I think that all of my games where very good, and I also had a new cool background.

EBI: In Pong i had a start screen saying “Click to start” but in Parrot Shooting I did not use a start screen therefore I could have added one in, but we all ran out of time. Also in Pong I customised my own ball but I should have added in more colours and maybe even some background pictures. In the car game I did everything in the first video and im still working on the second video of so hopefully i can finish it before the beginning of the summer term.

What do people get out of putting computer viruses online?

There are millions of viruses online.

Examples are: storm, sassa and nimda.

People use these viruses to steal bank details or important information to cripple a computer or a network

These types of viruses are usually downloaded unknowingly by the computer user thinking that the file is something else, such as a file sent from a instant messenger friend.

Computer viruses come from criminals, so do not click on a link you don’t know about. Instead, ask the police or someone who knows about computer.

One of the most common virus is a Trojan virus. If you get one go to a computer store and let them sort it out before it gets worse.