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Lewis’s Photoshop Project

Lewis’s Photoshop project on PhotoPeach

In this project I change the way an image looks to make it better using Photoshop tools (shown in presentation), just like advertisers do to their adverts. I think I got a great understanding of the magic wand tool and the hue/saturation tool. But yet I could of gotten a much better understanding of the other tools further on in the project if I just sped up a little bit. In all I am quite pleased with my work and I enjoyed it very much; I am sure I will use Photoshop again and have just as much fun in the future.

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Beach Parkour

Shark Shooter Lewis

press r to make sharks come back and press space bar to shoot with the mouse.

press left to turn left and press right to turn right plus press a to turn left and press s to turn right try not to hit the other car or the grass.

press up and down to go up and down also press w to go up and a to go down.


I enjoyed making this and it was quite hard to make but I loved it the best bit was making the scope and I think my game is average but I’m happy with it.

What do scammers do and why do they scam?

People scam other people because they can trick you by making you give them money by saying they are poor or they need an operation but they can’t pay it. They can give you a job opportunity or work at home opportunity, so be very careful.

Do not go on a website or meet someone you do not know. People can scam you through e-mail, text, phone and mail etc. Be very aware of scammers and try and avoid them. If you do get scammed, call the police as they may be able to help.

Keep safe on-line.