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Programming Reflection by Luis LG

What have you been doing on the Microbits, what sort of things have the algorithms instructed the Microbit to do? 

On the Microbits we have learned to program on the computer and then put it on to a device which is the Microbit. So far I have learned to make my name to flash across the screen, make a flashing ‘Beautiful Image’ and I have made the meteorite game. The algorithms on the stuff that I have done are actually pretty simple. For example ‘Basic-Show led’. If it was Show led then basic it just would’t work.

How has sequencing affected your code?

Sequencing has not just affected my code but everyone’s code because without a perfect sequence nothing will work. One mistake can blow the whole piece of code. The Microbit website tutorials and the great teaching of Mr.Jones has made me understand about sequences and how simple they can be.

Have you had to debug anything? Provide examples

I haven’t had to debug anything so far but an example of a bug could be when the sequence is not right in an algorithm.

What are variables and have you used them when programming the Microbit? 

A variable is a piece of code which stores information in the computer’s memory while a program is running and we have used variables in our pieces of code.

Have you used any loops?  Give some examples

I have used loops. I have used it for all of the pieces of code I’ve done so far. For example if I did the flashing love heart then I’d have to put a forever loop to make it flash continuously.

What are functions and how have you used them when coding your Microbits?

Functions are pieces of code which create a routine. For my Microbit I have used functions for different variables such as a ‘Start’ signal and a ‘Game over ‘ signal which has been the most popular functions I have used so far.



My Photoshop Project


This term we have been focusing on Photoshop. I think I have done well in this project but there is room for improvement.

I think that all the liquify pictures were pulled of successfully but some of the colour based pictures could of done much better.

I have enjoyed this project very much because even though we had to follow the tutorials, I did descover new things by messing around with the tools as well.


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Labour Party Vine – 2BW

Scratch Games by Luis – 2BW

I had fun on scratch making games. I learnt a lot about hiding the reindeer and stuff. The annoying thing was instead of pressing duplicate – I accidentally press delete!!
I could improve on how fast I complete my algorithms.

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By Luis