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Labour Party Blog Post 2FW

Let me start by telling you that the Labour party is the only party you can trust. The young people in Britain need a good future and they need a good education. Do you kids want a good job when you’re older?

Also, we are helping the NHS massively. I’m sure that a lot of your parents work for the NHS so you should really think about how much it would benefit them. David Cameron will not do this. All he will do is make GPs work for 12 hours a day.

Believe us, Ed Miliband will help this country. Vote Labour.

Pong, Hippo Shooter and Racing Game


Use the arrow keys to control the paddle on the right.
Use the W and S keys to control the paddle on the left.


Move the Shooter with your mouse.

Press spacebar to shoot.

At the end of each game press A to get the hippos and octopus back.

Don’t shoot too much though because it makes you lose points.


I have really enjoyed making these games on scratch, I have learnt so much about coding and programming! I learnt about sequences and algorythms.


Both cars will automatically move forward.

To move the blue car use the (the arrow keys).

To move the yellow car use the A and D keys.

Don’t go off the track!

Whoever crosses the finish line first wins!

The Different Types of Internet Scams

There are many types of internet scams but some of the most common scams include Phisher Scams, Nigerian  Scams, Lottery Scams, Internet Dating Scams, Facebook Survey Scams, Payment Transfer Job Scam Emails, Miscellaneous Scams, Drug Scams and Holiday and Travel Scams.

Phishing is one of the most prevalent scams. It is where you trick people into giving you personal information e.g. Credit card and banking details. An Ebay Phisher Scam is where you get an email that is NOT from  Ebay that says you can be owed an amount of money.

Nigerian Scams are also known as 419. Not only Nigerian people commit these scams.

Lottery Scams are where you get lots of money by breaking the law. Sandra Grauschopf for example got £30,000,000 from a Lottery Scam and was jailed for 20 years. A boy called Nick Webber got £18,000,000 from a Lottery Scam and was jailed for 5 years.

Internet Dating Scams are where you click on a link to a dating site but when you give in your credit card and banking details,  house postcode and address details you are told to go to the airport by the website. Once you get to the airport someone will rob your house and get all of the money from your bank.

There is a scam where people say that you have been spied on. It will say “SEE WHO.” DO NOT CLICK ON IT.