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UKIP Blog Post

May 7th presents the people of Britain with an incredible opportunity.

For the first time in 100 years, there is real change on the horizon. All you have to do is vote for it. If you vote for UKIP, you vote for a better Britain. Immigration is the most pressing problem today and UKIP are the best party to control this. We will put an Australian style system into place in which we will judge an immigrant on the services he/she will bring to the country. But don’t worry. We’re not going to let a Romanian steal your’ job. Did you know, 75% of our laws are made in Brussels. If we get into power we will leave the EU and take Brussel’s power away.


If you believe in Britain, vote UKIP on May 7th.


This is the UKIP vine. Firstly I used photoshop to put Nigel Farage and Natalie Bennet’s faces onto police people. I then saved these as JPEG files and downloaded them onto Scratch so I could code from there. I hope you enjoy!

My Scratch Games

Instructions for Parrot Shooting Game:

Hover your mouse over the parrot and press the space bar. The highest score possible is 54 so get playing!!

Instructions for Pong:

If you are player one use the W key to move up and the S key to move down. If you are player two use the up key to move up and the down key to move down. Have fun!!

Reflection on Scratch Projects:

We looked at a series of videos to instruct us how to code each game. The man was purposely doing things wrong and then showing us how to do it and I was good at de-bugging it when he purposely did things wrong. I could improve by if all the parrots are gone go onto the game over screen which comes up when the time is over. I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope to do more projects like it in the future.





Car Racing Game!

All the instructions for the Car Racing Game are on the game itself.

Have fun!!!

Helicopter Game!!

Yet again, all the instructions are on the game itself.

Yet again, have fun!!!

Max’s Computer Virus Prezi

How do Computer Viruses work?

I have been studying different types of computer virus.

Trojan Horses

Trojan Horses are computer viruses that disguise themselves as games or software. Whenever you run this game or software, it replicates onto other games or software. When you run the game or software, it will also destroy your hard drive.


Worms use security holes to get onto other computers and destroy them as well. It replicates itself on security holes on that computer as well. So, if a worm was undetected for a while, it could infect over 100 computers in a short time.

E-mail Viruses

An e-mail virus attaches itself to e-mails you send. In fact, YOU don’t even need to send them. It will automatically e-mail itself to your contacts and infect their computers too.

E-safety flashback 1

First of all we were talking about e-safety for a couple of lessons. We made a Padlet of how to stay safe online. Padlet is a link where people can say things about the topic issued to us.  We signed up for Edmodo, and came up with an essential question ” How can we help our community stay safe online”  . Then we really got into the gist of things. We then  each decided which area of e-safety we wanted to work in. We then found our miniature groups. I signed myself up for computer viruses. James, Riley and I called our group Creeper virus. There were 4 other groups; B-safe, Cyber security, The safety girls and S.C.A.M. We filled in a sheet to certify what we were doing to help stop viruses. We then decided what individual area we wanted in computer viruses. I chose “How do computer viruses work”. We then signed up to Popplet. Popplet is a site were you can make something a bit like a spidogram. We then did a Popplet of our individual questions. We then decided what we could do individually. As I wanted to know how computer viruses worked, so I thought we could contact scientists who might know something about them. We are now deciding what else to do. Brainstorm! We could make music parody’s of top songs and link them with computer viruses. This is going to be awesome…