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Plate Tectonics – Max Butler

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Max’s Photoshop Project

In this project we used our photo-shop skills to change peoples appearances like their eye colour  and lip colour .

I think I used the liquify tool which I used to make the man’s muscles bigger and change the woman’s face.

If I could do it again I would take more time on the wrinkles and getting rid of the spots because I feel there are some ares where I could get rid of more.

I did really enjoy this project because we got to use our photo shop skill and learn how photos of people might not even be really them but just an edited version.

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Yeti True or false

Do you think The Yeti is real or not? If you do I wouldn’t go to the Himalays!

The Yeti is a ape-man monster that lives in the Himalayas. This legend of the Yeti started in the 1832 and it still is going today.  Some people think the yeti has brown hair on his body and others say its white hair but does anyone really know. Lately scientist have found a piece of the yeti’s scalp and his hand. The Yeti scalp and hand has been kept in the Khumjung monastery. People say the yeti and big foot are cousin but are any of this information is true  or is it made up that’s why I’m doing this podcast.

For the Yeti

People have found proof of the Yeti like the scalp and they also found a hand. A group of people along with Charles Howard-Bury, when they climbed Mount Everest they discovered large foot prints in the snow/ground and they were about eight inches which is big for foot prints. People have said to seen the yeti going up the mountains and also people say that he live in an altitude of 12,000 feet in Nepal.

Against the Yeti

The foot print that Charles Howard-Bury found could of easily just been a human foot print because the website I used said that the foot print looks a lot like a humans. People have not been face to face with the Yeti and came back with proof or even in some cases alive so we don’t really know what the Yeti looks like. Artist  have drawn pictures of the yeti but all of them are different. The Yeti is a lot like big foot in away so if Big Foot is not real there is a high change that the Yeti isn’t true as well. Apart of the scalp and hand that the scientist found there is no other proof that it is real and if it was the scalp and the hand of the yeti surely it would be died and we would be able to find his body.

I have decided that the Yeti is not a true creature because there are a lot more and better information about against then there is for the assistance so this is why I don’t think the Yeti is a true creature but I could be wrong. If you disagree then leave a comment below!


Rochester Castle by Max & Tom

Tom and I had a lot of fun making this film there was some hard parts and some easy parts the most challenging

part was narration and the research was the easiest part but Tom and I like building the Movie up and editing it.



Who is responsible for internet scamming?


Various people have committed scams on the internet; here are a few examples. I found out that Karen Vasseur and her daughter Tracey scammed people use a dating web site saying if you donate money it will go to a war hospital. Darin French and Jennifer French both scammed people on eBay – selling things for big prices when the item was actually worth nothing. Toby Web and Ryan Thomas  scammed a bank for $132,000, and Samantha and Gary Kelly helped them get more money by scamming people and stealing money from their credit cards.


Sometimes, gangs operate internet scams too, for example, the Macau Scam Syndicate scammed their victims out of their money by impersonating a fake Chinese bank.