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My scratch games- By Millicent Bevan


Alien Destroyer!


All my games have the instructions inside them. I hope you like my games and have fun.
Reflection:I watched videos to help me make scratch games, but added my own elements to the game.I was good at making up my own bits and watched the videos very carefully. If I was to do this again, I would be quicker so that when I  had to put it on the blog it was completely finished.I enjoyed making pong, but the parrot shooter was a bit boring as the code called algorithms took ages for a really easy game.


Loser- By Millicent

I sat there eating my sandwich on that grey, miserable day. The bullies’ harsh and savage words lingered in my mind, and their hyena like laughs floated round my ears. All my so called ‘friends’ had gone to sit with her, the she devil I liked to say. I felt so big, but I wasn’t brave, nor special, I was just stupid. I don’t quite know what happened next, but people told me I climbed up onto the table and shouted something, something rude. I don’t really know if that’s true or not, all I remember is sitting outside the principal’s office with LOSER inked across my head.

My whit stick 100 wc-by Millicent

…..what’s that I can feel?  That is a question I have asked myself all through my life. Everyday a white stick guides me through the crowds, nothing more than a white stick; yet I am laughed at. But you know what, they have nothing to laugh at me about. As a young girl I was teased about not being able to see the world, but that only made me want it more. I have not had a glimpse of colour all through my life. Not for an hour, not for a minute, not even for a second. So just think. Think about me.

100 wc by Millicent

……..the light was so bright, but as it hurtled towards me I did not think to move. Before I knew it the light had turned into two and with it gaining speed Julie told me to run. But I wouldn’t budge, honestly I tried to, I just…. couldn’t. Next thing I know there’s shouting and flashing lights and sobbing and I can’t feel most of me really. Above me I can see the faint figure of my mum, gently stroking my hair like she always does. I still see mum every now and then, she passes my grave every Sunday……..