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Gilly by Oliver

Scratch Games by Oliver

Parrot Shooting Game Thing:

Space Bar to kill Parrots.

Shotgun visor follows your mouse

Have Fun


This was a really fun game to make and play. Some of the algorithms were difficult to make but I tried to come over them with ease. If you haven’t created an account already on Scratch I would Recommend making one.

Pong By Oliver (Warning Very Lagy)

Sprite 1 use A and Z

Sprite 2 use I and K




Fun to make but didn’t have time to finish. Sorry ­čÖü

Mobile Phone Safety.

Phone Number and Personal details.

When you want to give someone your phone number make sure you trust them because they may send you horrible things such as texts and abuse.  Never ever share your details on networking websites because people can take the info and use it in bad ways. Sharing your ID with an unknown person or untrustworthy friend may lead to some bad things.

On your phone in Public.

On your Phone in public. Make sure when you are speaking in public  speak quietly so no one can hear you .

Keep your pin a secret and make sure no one is looking. Keep your phone in a secret pocket or place in your jacket because if someone comes up to you and tries to get your phone they won’t. Never show your phone in public it may be a target for thieves and general trouble makers.

How to keep kids safe.

If you have an Email account make sure you check it regularly in case of viruses or abuse. 2 in 5 kids, 8 to 15, have looked at inappropriate content on their phone. If you want to ring a friend make sure you trust them because they may be a person trying to steal your identity.

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