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Will You Be Smored – by Phoebe

Green Party Vine by Phoebe

My scratch games by Phoebe


To play parrot shooter, you have to shoot all the parrots. To shoot the parrots you have to click the space bar. When you have shot all the parrots, click a.  To see instructions click z.



To play pong, you need two players. Player one is on the  left player, player two on the right. When playing as player one, move upwards by clicking the up arrow, to go down click the down arrow. To play player two, to go upwards click b, and to go down click the spacebar. The stars change the colour of the ball.


To play the racing game, you need again, two players, to play the yellow car, you have to use the arrows to move the car in different directions. To play the blue car, use a to go left and d to go right. The aim of the game is to get to the finish. Remember to dodge the stars.


I have enjoyed using scratch, and hope to use it again.

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