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Our Policy: An extra £3 billion a year for the NHS by 2020
Increase mental health funding by £170 million a year .A pilot programme to put GPs in A&E departments seven days a week. To see other visit this website .     Deficit and the economy. Ukip are going to remove EU directives which hamper the British economy Welfare Five-year wait before migrants can claim benefits Scrap housing benefit changes related to bedrooms. Restrict child benefit to two children and stop paying it all together for children who do not live in Britain

Ukip’s Leader: Nigel Farage 

How UKIP came about:

The party is led by Nigel Farage , with deputy leader Paul Nuttall. UKIP has three representatives in the House of Lords  and twenty-three Members of the European Parliament,  making it the largest UK party in the European Parliament . In October 2014, UKIP reported a membership of over 40,000 .




Dragon Shooter – Pierce

Instructions: Space bar is for shooting the dragons and the mouse is for moving when you are done press Q to play again

Instructions: Player 1 uses the up and down arrow and player 2 uses a to go up and z to go down

Instructions:Player 1 uses left and right arrow and player 2 uses d to go right and a to go left

Rochester Bridge By Mardey and Pierce


We enjoyed the overall topic we thoroughly enjoyed the research to get the right pictures which was labeled for reuse. We had trouble doing our narration so we had to do it on Audacity then transfer it over to Movie Maker. The easiest part of the movie was finding the right music for our movie, but however it was hard to paste the music into our movie because we had to save our narration as one recording. The Best part was doing the credits and the animations for our movie.