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Programming reflection by Ruben Rana

This term in Computing we have been programming micro bits to do certain instructions (algorithms) to make games such as catch the egg.  For example in the catch the egg game we learnt how to repeat code in the background forever, this is an example of the algorithm instructing the micro bit on what to do.

Sequencing has had a massive effect on my code as my code needs to be in the right sequence for it to work otherwise the micro bit will run different algorithms in the wrong order which would make my game complicated.

Debugging is the process you would have to go through to make any game as you would need to check thoroughly for any major or minor mistakes in your code in able for it to work. An example of debugging is when you need something to repeat but you have not got it on a forever loop therefore you would need to debug your code and insert the forever loop.

Variables store  pieces  of information within the computers  memory while a program is running so it can be retrieved later. An example of this is on the truth or dare game when you needed to store the `information  retrieve it and you needed to update the value of a variable.

In the first micro bit lesson I attempted the flashing heart game where you had to use the forever loop in order for the heart to keep the heart flashing. The name of this algorithm was: basic —> forever do end.  This means keep on repeating the algorithm.

A function is a group of code or a routine used in your code to perform a action. An example of this is In the game rock paper scissors when it says when micro bit is shook choose random meaning when you shake the microbit  choose rock, paper or scissors.


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Ruben photoshop project

In this year’s Photoshop project I believe that I made a lot of progress and understood the different skills of Photoshop very well. I think I attempted the teeth whitening well and understood the skills needed to complete it.  The one photo I thought  I could have done better was the blemish spot removal because this tool was very hard to control and I didn’t think I put enough time and effort into it. This terms Photoshop project was very enjoyable and taught me new techniques and tool’s I can use in the future.

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Do you believe in Bigfoot? Bigfoot is supposedly a creature that lives in forests in the north of america. Bigfoot is a hairy, large, muscular creature and is about 3-8 meters tall. The Bigfoot legend was said to start centuries ago in North America and Canada .

Here is some evidence for Bigfoot  :  About one third of the reports on his existence are from the pacific northwest, with remaining reports spread throughout the rest of North America. One of the most recent pieces of evidence on Bigfoot’s  existence is in 2007  when hunter Rick Jacobs caught on camera a supposed Sasquatch on a automatic camera. On 24 August on the construction site of the Big Horn Dam  in Alberta , five construction workers claimed they observed a very tall Sasquatch  a 300-foot high bank on the south for 85 minutes. When they went public, others in the area came forward with accounts of their own sightings.

Here is some evidence against Bigfoot :   Most scientists believe that Bigfoot is a myth or you are just getting him mixed up with a gorilla or ape of some sort because of the lack of physical evidence. Also Bigfoot is believed to be a hoax (making it up or tricking someone).

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CONCLUSION: My conclusion is Bigfoot is fiction because there is not enough physical evidence  to prove he is real. some people make these stories about seeing him in the woods but it could just be a gorilla or they could just be trying to become famous and make money.


racing car game

This project was really fun. I really enjoyed debugging and making this game . i found it quite hard at times but easy at other times easy. I found it hard when we we’re putting it onto the blog. overall this project was very interesting. 

parrot shooter by RUBENR

This game was hard to make because it was was the first game without any help. I found this game very fun and enjoyable but at times it got quite hard. I found it at times easy because we had a tutorial to help us but overall I really liked this project. I think it would of been even better if I could’ve finished how I wanted to.

A short film on Chatham Dockyard by James W and Ruben R


This movie is about Chatham Dockyard and the History. I found the movie quite difficult and challenging but the thing that was the hardest thing was the narration and finishing the film. I hope you enjoyed it and I cant wait for our next topic!!


this movie we have done on Chatham dockyard has been difficult and easy I  found it quite difficult because of all the uploading and editing overall I liked this project very much.

Mobile Safety

It is very important to keep your mobile phone safe because it might have very important things on it. If you have to make a call in public, talk quietly or use a hands-free headset. Set up a pin on your phone and make it hard  for other people to get. Don’t lend your phone number to anyone because they may tell other people about it. Your phone might become a target to people who are poor and don’t have anything. Don’t use your phone in a big crowd because there are other people near you and they might steal your phone. Keep your mobile safe in your jacket or pocket. Don’t leave your mobile where you cant reach it quickly. If someone’s calling you and you don’t feel it’s safe to answer, let it go to voice mail. Remember you don’t always have to pick up or reply right away.