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Revision: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tectonic plates

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Coding reflection by Sam N.

What algorithms have you been creating on the microbits?

In the lent term we have been working on a project using microbits, I have created algorithms on the microbit website which can then be transferred onto the microbit and games/projects are shown from LED’s lighting up. An example of this is creating the algorithm for a dodge the meteorite game and a pong game.

How has sequencing affected your code?

It is important that code is in the correct order otherwise the game will not function in the way it is suppposed to do fortunately the website guided us into putting our code in the correct order therefore our microbits would be programmed correctly.

Have you had to debug anything?

Yes, the one time I had to debug a piece of code was in the meteorite game, when i started playing it on the microbit one of the meteorites stopped on the bottom row rather than going off the edge so when I moved left or right i  would loose easier. Fortunately I spotted what needed fixing and I debugged it.

What are variables and have you used them when programming microbits?

Variables are a way of storing a piece of particular code they might be randomizing the code so different things happen Variables can change when triggered by an event. An example of thisis when a meteorite came of the bottom edge it changed a variable storing the speed making it faster thus making the game harder .

Have you used loops ? Give an example

Loops repeat a sequence of code for x amount of times they are useful so you don’t have to keep writing code over again, I have used some loops in the process of coding my microbit for example I had to forever loop the code for the falling meteorites so they were never ending and you could keep going on forever.

What are functions and how have you used them when coding microbits?

Functions are sets of instructions in sequence that have variables which make your code work in a certain way. We have used them a lot in programming our micro bits, as they preform a routing within a code.

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Do Mermaids really exist? By Sam G 3W

Mermaids are mythical creatures who have been sighted around the coasts of countries all around the world. People have said that mermaids only come out at bad times or when an accident has occurred. There have been many records of sightings and they have been going back thousands of years, however it is impossible to tell how authentic they are.  Christopher Columbus was one of the  first people  who have claimed to see mermaids in his lifetime, most people who have claimed to have seen a mermaid said that they have beautiful shining skin and a scaly tail of a fish instead of legs, but this is what people have said, there are no clear photographs of mermaids…

The only place in the world where people are giving out a reward for clear videos of mermaids is Kiryat Yam in Israel where there is a reward of $1,000, 000. There have been a lot of sightings, which indicates mermaids do exist, but the evidence is extremely light. Stiull, no one knows what a real mermaid actually looks like or if they even exist.

“Mermaids cannot pysically exist”, say some people. They claim that you can not have a cross-species of two living things, for example half fish half human. Humans and fish don’t have the same organs, that is another reason to prove that mermaids to be impossible. Finally a human has lungs, how could mermaids breath underwater without gills?

Overall, from the websites that I have looked at, I do not beleive in mermaids due to light evidence of mermaids existing. This is just my opinion of the existance of mermaids, it is  for you to decide what you believe.