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Vote Conservatives

We are the Conservative Party and we want to make your vote matter. Since our formation in 1834 we have been striving to make great Britain a country full of opportunities and happy people. we do not only want to help you as an individual, but we want to help the country and our country’s children. Here are just a few examples of what we can do:

Reducing the Deficit:    We do this so we can keep the mortgage low for hardworking families and reduce the number of families in debt. In government, Labour racked up the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history- do not let them do it again. Our plan to reduce Labours’ deficit is working – help us to finish the job.

Jobs:  We promise our voters 2 million more jobs, 30 hours free childcare, help to buy a home and no income tax on minimum wage. We do not break our promises.

Working to control immigration:  have closed over 850 bogus colleges, made it much tougher for illegal immigrants to remain here and taken all the action we can under current agreements to limit migrants’ access to benefits.

– Delivering the best schools and skills for young people:

We know not only what you want, but what the whole country wants. LET’S STAY ON THE ROAD TO A STRONGER ECONOMY.






Scratch Games by Shreya C.

PONG INSTRUCTIONS: For this game you have to hit the ball with the paddle to save your side. if it lands on your side on the coloured strip then your opposition gets a point. in the end whoever gets the most points wins. To move player 2’s paddle press O to go up and L to go down. To move player 1’s paddle press Q to go up and A to go down! GOOD LUCK!

 Instructions: Welcome to my ghost busters game!!! To play this you have to move your mouse pointer on top of the ghost and press the space bar. you have 10 seconds to do this. If you want to do this  again press a.


Hello and welcome to my racing car game.  To move the red car right press the right arrow button and to move it left press the left arrow button. To move the blue car left press the z button and to move it right press the x button. Have fun!!!!!

Cyber-Bullying Summary

Hello! I am Shreya and I am doing the topic Cyber-bullying. I am investigating the effects of cyber-bullying.

I am here to talk to you about it.

People cyber-bully because they think it is not bullying just because it is online or by text message. Most people think it is OK to do it, but it can lead to suicide, frustration, negative emotions, bad behavior and feeling overwhelmed.

It can also effect your school grades like having:

  • Poor concentration, low school concentration and  absenteeism from school.
  • Why cyber=bully when you can be happy?
  • Remember you would not like it to happen to you!