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Revision on Chemical Reactions

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Temi’s Photoshop Project

Temi’s Photoshop Project on PhotoPeach

Reflection: Over the course of this project it has become easier to change what people look like. I have enjoyed this project it was interesting as my Photoshop was pretty good. However I do think I could have gotten more images done as I only got six but I am happy with my six as they were of good quality.

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Master Chief – Temi

Temi’s Games

Instructions: click the button then click 1 to show the bats your mouse will direct your target when your target gets to a bat click the space bar to shoot. Once YOUR done click the green flag and one again.

Instructions: click the button to start the game then the sprite on the left uses w to go up and  s to go down the sprite on the right uses the up arrow to go up and the down arrow to go down.

Instructions: In this game to control the green car use a and d a to go left d to go right to control the blue car use the arrow keys left and right.

Overall, what we did was make three games from scratch one a 2 player game of pong which I made two sprites and a ball once it touches the sprites it bounces of. The second game we made a target and animals flying of the screen.Another two player racing game using keys to move.     I think I could have spent more time on the start and finish screen on the bat shooter but I thoroughly enjoyed this project

Gillingham fc secrets unvealed

I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I enjoyed how we had to record our narration. It was very fun but it was hard to find pictures you could use and we were new to movie maker. This topic was fun and I hope to do something related to this topic soon.

What Are The Effects of Computer Viruses?

Why are viruses a problem?

This is what I have learnt about viruses.

Email Virus

The email virus sends you a virus. You know when you have been sent a virus because it is sent by someone you don’t know and it appears in your spam folder not your inbox.


Trojan is a virus which appears to be some thing else. For example a game. It can be used to locate personal information or can just get rid of memory space or destroy files.

What a virus is

A virus is a piece of software which attaches itself to another piece of software. A virus can delete memory space,destroy files or locate personal info. The virus is very dangerous it may sound minor but very dangerous.

This is what I have learn’t.