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R.S Buddhism Revision – By William G



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William’s Photoshop Project.


Reflection: In this project we learnt how easy it is to modify people on Photoshop to make them look better. I was able to complete most of the tasks, completed correctly and they look good. Also, there wasn’t any real view able issues with my photos. However, some of the edited photo’s weren’t changed massively, like the eye colour. Also I didn’t complete the last task. Overall, it was a great project, with me missing a whole lesson. I really enjoyed doing this project and I hope to do more Photoshop in the future.

The Adventures of Tom by William

Do Aliens Exist


Aliens are extra-terrestrial creatures. I have read websites and researched on aliens and I have made my own opinion on aliens and extra-terrestrial creatures. Many people believe in aliens and over 20,000 people have purchased alien abduction insurance and many U.S firefighters are trained for U.F.O accidents!

Arguments AGAINST aliens

People have questioned if aliens exist saying that the universe is over 14 billion years old and according to the Daily Mail someone would of seen aliens and aliens would of evolved by now and humans would of met them. I found this believable because this is the Daily Mail, one of the online national newspaper and Professor made this post.

Image result for nasaArguments FOR aliens

NASA found a new planet strangely resembling Earth and it is Kepler 452b. This means it is very possible that there could be extra terrestrial life living there. Also the administrator  of NASA, Frank Bolden Jr says he believe

s there is life outside of Earth. He said to news reporters, ‘I do believe that we will someday find other forms of life or a form of life, if not in our solar system,then in other solar systems – the billions of solar systems in the universe.Image result for alien


With all the sites I have seen I believe in extra terrestrial  because there is so many solar systems in the universe and there is bound to be extra terrestrial life somewhere.

My Scratch Game

Instructions: Press A to show the parrots. Move your target and press the space bar to shoot the parrots. If you shoot a parrot on target  then you will gain 10 points.
Instructions:  for the left paddle use A-Z to move the paddle. For the right paddle use the up and down arrows to move.

Reflection: We went on scratch and made two games. One of them was a pong game and the other one was parrot shooting. We used scripts ie: “Forever or if” What I did well on was debugging the game and making backdrops.Also I made the parrot shooting game very quickly and I improved my coding. I enjoyed making backdrops and adding sound. I could of improved on fixing the backdrops and making the play button on my Pong game work

Instructions: For the red car you use the arrow keys to move.  To use the blue car you use x and z. If you hit the green that means your opponent.

Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is when someone pretends to be someone else. Here are how criminals  do the crime:

Criminals  can lean over you and see you typing your pin number and steal your credit card so then they can take out money in your name. Criminals could order items online in your name frequently. If the identity fraud case gets worse then they could take you important documents like passports and driving licences. The criminal could take over your accounts like Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How to prevent identity fraud

  • NEVER throw away trash that has your personal details
  • ALWAYS remember your password. Someone could take your paper with your password
  • When using a cashpoint make sure no one is hovering on your shoulder.
  • NEVER give out your personal details to someone you don’t know
  • If you are a victim of identity fraud contact the police.

Identity Fraud